iPhone? Just ask Cisco

Posted in Apple, iPhone, Tech by Tony C on January 11, 2007

Don't scratch it fer gawds sake!As almost everyone else will mention it I might as well too, the Apple iPhone is on its way and boy are the Apple Acolytes tumescent with joy.  It still might not be called the iPhone as Mr Jobs forgot to tell everyone he’d not actually got permission from Cisco to use the name.  But let’s be crystal clear here…the device is still a while away so it may change and also there is nothing particularly new here, it has all been done before.  Apple seem however to have done a cracking job of bringing it all together though.

So what can we conclude, speculate or ask so far?It looks good as only Apple seem to be able to do.
I’m intrigued by the UI.
That screen better be scratch resistant.
Don’t forget to carry around wipes to keep crap off the screen as it will attract dirt like a magnet.
No UK release for the time being.
It’s not a business device so everyone claiming the demise of Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Nokia/Symbian can calm down.
Will anyone create 3rd party add-ons to allow integration with Outlook or Notes?
An IM client to attach to MSN, AOL and Yahoo would be nice too.
2Meg camera only.  Why?
Is 4Gb enough for music, photos, video etc etc?
Will it eat into iPod sales?  Nano especially.
As its GSM only it’ll upset the CDMA crowd in the US but in Europe this is not a problem.
No GPS.  Missed a trick here…Sat Nav on this device should have been a no brainer although someone would have had to written the application from scratch.
Price is critical but any notion of what it might be is pure speculation.It’ll also be interesting to see how the operators in the UK approach this device, SIM free is one thing, but will Apple be willing to give the operators the cut they’ll ask for if it’s sold as part of a contract?

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