“Can I have a Macbook please?”

Posted in Apple, Macbook, Tech by Tony C on January 5, 2007

The home PC is well past retirement age, the venerable machine is now over 5 years old and I suppose it’s testament to how good modern hardware is that it keeps going.  Like any pensioner it gave up playing games sometime ago and has been used for Karen’s OU work, her NLP stuff, browsing the web and keeping K’s Mini Pod updated and recharged, it’s even managed to edit and print the odd photo recently.  But a little while ago it begun to eat components and went through two sound cards, a video card and even a NIC, even some of the USB sockets only work when they are in the mood.  One theory is that the motherboard has a fault, probably a 5v rail which has on occasion spiked doing away with said PCI cards and USB sockets, fortunately this hasn’t happened for a while now.  The other consideration is that the thing is huge and I’m not sure anyone would dare make a case that big now not even a full size tower for fear people using them as prefab housing.

As I have a machine provided by work Karen, who also happens to be a lapsed Mac engineer, gets final vote so when asked what do we should do K unsurprisingly suggested a Macbook.  I have some experience of Macs and I’ve always rather liked OSX having used it with Lotus Notes and Office for Mac in the past and the range of Dual Core 2 Macbooks are now at a price point that drops them into PC territory, and lets not forget at 4% market share Apple have to do something if there ever to be considered more than a nice to have.

But why oh why do the black Macbooks have a £100 premium over the white ones?

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