So what about 2007?

Posted in 2007, Celebrity, INternet, New Year by Tony C on January 1, 2007

It’s traditional at this time of year to make predictions for the forthcoming solar rotation but they are invariably wrong, predicting the future is a mugs game and at least in this regard I’m no mug.  A better approach is taken my Euan Ferguson in this Sunday’s Observer where he asks for things he’d like to see less of in 2007 and by and large I agree with his ‘little list’.  Here are a few of mine, some of which are the same as Mr Ferguson’s.

Pete Doherty.  Famous for shagging the over exposed and under fed Kate Moss and he allegedly took some drugs….apparently.  Far too off his box to be even vaguely talented.

Victoria Beckham.  Please just go away.

Tony Blair.  So much promise so little achieved.  Never has a politican been given the opportunity to change things for the better and never has a politican made such a fist of it.  Gordon Brown will sadly fair no better.

YouTube and MySpace.  Not because I think they are bad in some way but because people believe they can make money from web sites like this.  The internet is a fickle master and users are as likey to move to another ‘happening’ site as they are to stick around. 

The Internet.  Whilst we’re on the subject, for people to at long last stop seeing the internet as a thing.  It doesn’t exist…I’ll say this one more time.  It is just a bunch of ends and as David Weinberger points out ‘A World of Ends’.  There is bugger all in the middle.

Feel free to add your own.

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