Bye bye Boss

Posted in Music, Tech by Tony C on December 17, 2006

Sometimes having an over active gadget gland means you end you end up with stuff seemed like a good idea at the time, and after my recent introduction to the world of playing live it became apparent that I’m in danger of becoming an ‘all the gear and no idea’ sort of guitarist.  This is a bad combination.

So I’m about to post my Boss GT-8 and DB-90 on eBay. 

The GT-8 is an incredible piece of kit and requires as much dedication to use as does playing the guitar itself, but if you’re willing to put in the hours you’ll never buy anything else to mod your’s that good.  Sadly I’m not.  The computing power the GT-8 has at it’s disposal is something the engineers on the Apollo missions only dreamt of. 

The DB-90 is a metronome and drum machine all rolled into one and I can’t understand why I bought it, especially as many of the features on it are duplicated on my PX-4.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a top notch piece of kit if that’s what you need; sadly I didn’t.  The gadget fetishists equivalent of beer goggles I guess.

My loss as always is someone elses eBay gain.


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