CD or not CD. Well CD for the time being.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tony C on December 13, 2006

Whilst we’re on the subject of Apple according to market researchers Forrester it seems iTunes revenue has taken a bit of a tumble and a hoped for recovery has yet to materialise.  Whilst I understand Apple don’t see iTunes as a huge revenue generator, as the end to end cost is weighted at the front with the iPod unlike the mobile phone market (see below), it’s important that iTunes at least hold it’s own if nothing else but to keep the shareholders happy. 

 It would seem then that consumers are not yet willing to abandon CD for digital download, especially as digital download services don’t typically allow music to follow you from one device to another as you upgrade or change device.  It is ironic that ripping music is legally still a bit of a mine field and depending which bit of the RIAA website you read you’re either welcome to rip content or a potential criminal mastermind of Bondian proportions.  Coupled with a music industry still at odds with the opportunity that digital content presents CD will probably be around for the foreseeable future.

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