Yamaha DGX 620

Posted in Music, Tech by Tony C on December 8, 2006

Karen for sometime now has regularly mentioned that she’d like to take up playing the piano after a hiatus of some twenty years, it maybe longer but she’ll not fess up.  So Santa this year has already delivered a Yamaha DGX 620 as he’d never get it down the chimney and because it was rather obvious (the box was big enough to stuff a body in) Karen has already begun playing. 

 So why the DGX 620?  Well firstly it has a full size 88 key weighted hammer action keyboard, feeling like a proper piano was the number one must have and it does an excellent job of this.  The Grand Piano model is very sweet and to a non expert sounds pretty authentic, there is also some 500 other voices to explore so it might take a while for Karen too get round to all of them and with built in lessons, 250 songs, performance assistant and the ability to plug into a PC to upload additional content she’ll be occupied for the foreseeable future, or at least until next Christmas.

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