Don’t tell the Kids!

Posted in General by Tony C on December 5, 2006

MSRYesterday I went to Microsoft Reasearch in Cambridge to give one of the annual Christmas lectures to 250 students who are in their last year of A levels, I did the same last year and didn’t offend anyone so they invited me back.  As usual I was really impressed by the students who have a confidence and awareness that I could only dream about at that age.

My talk was about Microsoft and Gadgets, all the things MS does OS wise that doesn’t include XP, Vista or Server 2003, so Windows Mobile, Xbox, Embedded and general industry trends, I even got a mention in for Zune.  There was an interesting panel Q&A session at the end, the questions touched on the enviroment, technological progress (is it all good?) and a left fielder about ‘True Skill’ implementation in Gears of War.

I wonder why they always put me on last though?

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