War of Gears

Posted in Gaming by Tony C on November 30, 2006

He's a bad ass...Before we kick off it’s probably best that I fess up and say I like Gears of War…I like it alot.  It borrows from about every popular science fiction and fantasy source you can think of, Aliens, Pitch Black, The Matrix even Lord of the Rings gets a look in there’s even a bit of a homage to Halo.

 It hangs together by melding all this until the last section where Epic decided to tack on their signature train sequence as the finale and it spikes what is an enjoyable and intense shooter. 

 Is it better than Halo or Halo 2?  In the end no as both Halo’s are more varied, less prone to you feeling your being pushed down a particular path and both finish well. I can’t help but feel without the train nonsense at the end this would have compelled me to go back and play on a tougher level but at least there is the rather smart co-op multi player mode.

Don’t get me wrong it is alot of fun but the best shooter on 360?  Maybe until Halo 3 comes along.

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