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Posted in Food, Gits by Tony C on November 20, 2006

Two food related items although not related as you’ll see, show all is not quite right in the world of ‘food’.

It's just not HPFirst up…HP Sauce.  I’ve always loved the stuff, on bacon butties, chips, sarnies of any description or as a condiment with an FEB.  The logo of the Palace of Westminster, the packaging all pointed at something quintessentially British but sadly not anymore.  In 2005 Heinz purchased HP foods from Danone (yes those of Bio Yogurt fame) and decided in the middle of this year to move production to Holland.  It’s a double tragedy as 125 people will lose their jobs as the Aston Factory closes and Heinz still want to use the imagery of the Houses of Parliament.  So they want to make out it’s full on British, especially as they’d just announced campaign to “Save the British Cafe” at the same time, but can’t be arsed to make it here.

Two prawns...bags all packed.Secondly Prawns.  What kind of mixed up mad world must we be in when it’s more cost effective to catch said prawns off the British Coast, ship them to Thailand for peeling and then bring them back to the UK. From what I can find further processing like bagging etc is done when the deshelled crustaceans clear UK Customs.  “The facility in Thailand has a long history in seafood processing and can undertake hand de-shelling for us to a very high standard” says Mike Mitchell, who wait for it…is Director of Scampi, no kidding.  So the ladies and gentlemen at your Annan plant don’t Mr Mitchell?  So remember the next time you tuck into a few prawns from Youngs it’s probably better travelled that you are.

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  1. Ports said, on November 20, 2006 at 4:13 pm

    In fairness – peeling prawns is a bugger of a job. Maybe it is best left to the experts?

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