Land of hope and rock!

Posted in Music by Tony C on October 29, 2006

Almost a silly hat...Can a rock orientated Proms work?  You’d have thought so but based on what I’ve seen so far the jury is still out.  Class as always shows through at events like this and Jay Kay proves again he is a great live performer but most of the newbies like Kasabian left me a wondering what all the fuss is about.  And are the Magic Numbers a spoof?  James Brown, who I saw at ‘V’ a few years back was his usual exemplary self, although two of the three Sugarbabes seemed to wonder how they ended up on stage with the Godfather of Soul, and with Paul Weller I just shut my eyes and I’m back at school listening to The Jam.

The current music industry is a fickle master and I wonder how much of this years line up will still be remembered in ’07, I ask this because isn’t the ‘classic’ Proms about history and permanence and knowing all is right with the world?  ‘Popular Music’ ain’t, it’s about sticking a finger or two at all of those values…isn’t it?  Or maybe rock is just part of the establishment now and no one cares.

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