Rock and something…

Posted in Music by Tony C on October 9, 2006

Rock over Andover

I’ve playing the guitar (badly) for a little while but had never done so in front of an audience but now thats all changed as I’ve now done my first gig.  That’s me at the back with the UJ Supernova.  I’m not in a band but went to the Test Valley Rock School on Saturday to try my hand at playing live and it was a mixture of nerves, excitement and aching fingers.  John, a chum of mine at work, is an experienced guitar player and having jammed (again badly) with him, suggested I go along with him as it is a great way to do the one thing that most people who have aspirations to play an instrument never get to do, play in a band, even if it just for a day.  It was a fantastic and inspiring experience and showed me that I need to take practising a bit more seriously if I’m ever going to be vaguely competent.

The Mrs suggested Top The Pops next but then remembered it has been cancelled. 

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  1. fickwut said, on October 10, 2006 at 9:02 pm

    Oh come come now Tony, this is a much better close up! [IMG][/IMG]

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