Trains, boats, no wind and lots of rain…

Posted in General by Tony C on September 25, 2006

Some yachts Every year the IT industry decamps to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, jumps on some yachts and takes to the water to raise lots of money for charity.  I went last year for the first time and didn’t make too much of a show of myself so that I was invited back this time to bring my undoubted sailing prowess to bear on the boat sponsored by my chums at O2.

Whereas last year the weather was windy and the Solent rough, hence an unscheduled reintroduction to my breakfast, this year the wind was lucky to get into double figures knot wise, but even the addition of torrential rain mid morning did nothing to dampen the crew of Sunsail 18’s spirit.  We all had a great day on the water ably captained by Ben the er…Captain.  We didn’t win but that was hardly the point although Nigel from O2 was keen to remind us we did beat at least one of the Orange boats.

To add to the fun and to make up for the walking pace we’d managed in the morning we all had a spin in the Windows Mobile sponsored power boat.  At fifty two knots I was wondering if next year all the boats could all have similiar Honda 175s strapped to the sterns just incase.

Oh and whoever named the lodges we stayed in ‘Gurnard Pines’ has never seen one, a Gurnard that is, as the accomodation was spacious and well appointed.  Gurnards do make nice fish cakes though.

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