To err is human, to forgive…fashion?

Posted in General by Tony C on September 18, 2006

Now I’m all for a little forgiveness as we all make mistakes and I for one have honed it to a fine art, not one day goes past one I don’t have a few unintended errors and every now and then commit some kind of monster faux pas.  But like junk food or caffeine you can have have too much forgiveness and based upon the number of pictures I saw of Kate Moss in the Sunday supplements she is up to her shapely neck in exculpation.  It appears there isn’t one fashion label that isn’t using her as part of an a campaign to push some apirational fashion item or other.   And what has fuelled this turn around in the fortunes of Pete Doherty’s on/off girlfriend, who only a few months ago was photographed inhaling a line of ‘myterious’ white power?  I for one was never convinced it was the contents of a Sherbert Dipper.  Well in certain industries a love of Colombian Marching Powder is not seen as career limiting and of course the world of fashion spins on it’s axis due to artificial stimulants, also as London Fashion week will show the inability to keep down a decent meal is no barrier to success either. 

So where did I go wrong then?  Well for one I’m no looker so fashion is out (and I like my food too much) and for second my guitar playing is truly dreadful.

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