Is that a Zune in your pocket?

Posted in Tech by Tony C on September 15, 2006

Zune devices...look great don't they?As I work on the Mobile and Embedded Devices floor at MS Towers I’m particularly excited about Zune.  Most interesting is the wireless capability allowing the sharing of content with your mates and of course wireless syncing with your PC.  Zune Marketplace will allow you to purchase music and later I guess movies and TV shows.  With the success of Xbox Live I don’t suppose for a moment the Zune guys will be stuck for ideas of how to get it to work; XBL for 360 is frankly brilliant.

From the picture which I cunningly linked from the BBC web site it shows the device in three colours, the obvious black and white but also a chocolate brown.  I heard brown was the new black but I not seen many music players available in brown.  I expect more including pink. 

Now of course I don’t expect Apple to take this lying down as they have dominated, and some might say rightly so, in this market but there’s nothing like a gadget bun fight to bring out the best in technology companies so I for one can’t wait. 

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