Attack of the killer door mats

Posted in General by Tony C on September 14, 2006

Just when you think small mindedness, often in guise of Heath and Saftey, has sunk as low as it can go someone comes along and trumps it.  This time it’s Bristol Council who have told residents of a block of flats to remove their door mats as they are a clear and present danger or ‘tripping’ hazard.  I don’t live in Bristol but I bet the fine yeomanry of that fair city have a few million things they’d like the council to do before it turns the Local Govenment big guns on the humble door mat. 

Now unless you have recently arrived from some exotic planet the other side of the recently demoted Pluto, you’ll probably be aware the of the long tradition of door mats viz-a-vie their proximity to front doors, and take appropriate diversionary action when approaching an abodes main ingress point.

There’s a hand cart on its way to hell rumbling past soon.  Feel free to jump on.

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  1. The Cynic said, on June 26, 2009 at 6:31 am

    100% agree – as I said, I detest, with a passion, local councils!

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