Posted in Tech by Tony C on September 13, 2006

Here at MS Towers we like to eat our own Dogfood so we’re encouraged to run the latest beta builds.  It will come as no surprise then that quite a few of us have been running various releases Vista and Office 2007 for sometime now, also unsurprisingly some of the early betas had plenty of undocumented features to find and enjoy…

I’ve recently installed Vista RC1 and the equivalent technical refresh of Office 2007 and I have to say I’m pretty impressed, even on my soon to be retired Tosiba M200.  Vista manages to walk that clever line between being both familiar and different at the same time, from the UI to the mountain of work that’s been done around security and managebility.  Once you see it you’ll want to upgrade…

Whilst I didn’t install Vista until Beta 2 was released, a while back now, I have run most of the betas of Office and have seen a marked quality increase between versions.  The first beta I removed and went back of Office 2003 as Powerpoint, I’m a regular user but can stop anytime, was a little unpredicatable but it was a very early release so caveat emptor.  If you are running Office 2007 beta install the latest version as it’s rather good.

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