I need more power…

Posted in Music by Tony C on September 6, 2006

Small and perfectly formed.A little while ago I picked up a Roland Microcube guitar amp which at one and half watts could be forgiven for being ever so slightly rubbish.  But it isn’t in-fact it’s bloody brilliant.  It punches well above it’s weight sound wise and comes with a bunch of amp models and effects as well as an aux plug for CD and MP3 players, you can can even use it as a mike amp as it has a separate channel for that too.  However the kicker is that it can run on six AA batteries and they seem to last forever, so no need to worry if the thirteen amp is miles away.  As guitar related gadgets go it’s pretty unbeatable.

Sadly it may not be enough.

A few mates at work have persuaded me to turn up for a few jamming sessions with them and of course when I turned up with the Microcube the other day, whilst they were very complimentary, they still broke out a mid sized Marshall stack and a Sessionette 75.  The ‘Cube didn’t really stand a chance, which I didn’t mind too much as my playing leaves a lot to be desired.  However we’re planning to play some actual songs so muggins here has to not only learn something but also get heard.  Now I know what you’re thinking…why don’t they just turn their amps down?  Fair question but then if you’re asking that then you’ve never jammed with a bunch of other guitar playing enthusiasts.

So I could go a splash on some huge tube amp but then I’m playing them at there own game so here’s my plan.  I have a Boss GT8 which in reality needs a flat response amp like a keyboard amp or PA, so I reckon a pair of Yamaha Stagepass 300s is just the ticket.  Again relatively small but as there’s two separate speakers; instant stereo and a not insubstantial one hundred and fifty watts each to boot.  I even like the price.

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  1. Ports said, on September 6, 2006 at 9:50 pm

    Steady there mate! Even at £300 that stagepass is still a toy. You might think that 2 160watt amps must make it loud enough to keep up with a 100watt Marshall. But it just ain’t so. If you are intent on getting a PA and using the ‘Cube as a pre amp then get a decent PA, because on top of being loud enough you will also be everyones best friend because you will be able help out anyone who fancy’s a sing (SM58 is still the best mike for live work + you will need a stand) and also accoustic fellas.

    You can get a proper PA for about the same money. My mates in the The Reoffenders got an 800watt Yamaha PA with 2 Cabs and stands for £300 off ebay. Just a thought

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