Posted in General by Tony C on September 3, 2006

I can’t have been the only person who shed a tear on hearing the news that Airfix has finally gone into administration. The memories of scraping together the few pennies needed to buy a Series 1 kits that came in small plastic bags are still pretty vivid and the excitement of getting a larger kit that came in a box, well as a ten year old things didn’t get better than that! It might be a sad admission but I’ve never lost my fascination with Airfix and its compatriots like Revell, Heller and Japanese uber kit make Tamiya. I’m also sure also if it wasn’t for companies like these I’m have never tried to rebuild a 1965 Triumph Vitesse (full scale) and lost as much money as Airfix have done of late.

The demise has been put down to the usual mix of computer games, the internet, the modern need for instant gratification and the fracturing of the mythical nuclear family but it’s much simpler than that as the continued success of the aforementioned Tamiya proves. Make high quality products people want to buy…or am I missing the point.

However there might be light at the end of the tunnel, a OO gauge one to be sure, as rumour has it that Hornby the phoenix of the toy industry might be interested in picking up the Airfix name and hopefully the moulds and tooling from current owners Humbrol. And let’s not forget however that in all of this glue vapour induced nostalgia there are peoples livelihoods at stake and it’s for them that Airfix should truly be remembered.

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  1. Ports said, on September 5, 2006 at 9:43 am

    Too true. Happy days peeling glue off yer fingers. I don’t think I ever got a camopy on without a glue smeared fingerprint on it somewhere. Airfix also taught me the difference between reality and marketing – my Spitfires never looked quite like the one on the box!

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