V for…

Posted in Music by Tony C on August 22, 2006

As music festivals go I’ve always had a leaning for ‘V’, Virgin’s annual duo bash at Chelmsford and Stafford, especially after spending a few days in a tent at V99.  V always was the tamer of the big summer music festivals, less mud than Glastonbury and more upmarket than Reading, it also wasn’t as worried about being seen as the more commercial either.

2006 was a tempter as Radiohead were the headline band and Karen is a big Faithless fan but I’m not sure that is a big enough incentive to spend two nights in a tent these days, so like many we sensibly opted for a weekend of DIY and watching the highlights on the box.

It was however a waste of time as some truly awful direction, it’s a live gig not a video, and two vacuous presenters who seemed more interested in themselves than the bands had me reaching for the remote.  I know they want to sell the CD of the festival that’ll be coming to your local music store as soon as but I’m sure Creep wasn’t the highlight of the Radiohead set nor was there any need for the interviews with some of the bands that seemed determined to uncover a little as possible, other than to show Lauren Laverne and Alex Zane know sod all about anything.   Luckily I didn’t get to see the early show fronted by Dave Berry as by all accounts that was just as bad.

Next time E4; no presenters just the bands please.  Unless of course it’s Jo Whiley.


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